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  • 24 februari 2016
    GameBlast16 Charity Auction – live now!
    • Find out what Old School goodies you can get in the GameBlast16 Charity Auction.
  • 23 februari 2016
    Dev Blog: Monkey Madness II
    • The developer blog for Monkey Madness II: The Renegade Returns is now live. Come and see what we have planned for this Grandmaster quest!
  • 19 februari 2016
    Clan Cup: The Conclusion
    • The Clan Cup has reached its conclusion and the winners have been decided.
  • 18 februari 2016
    Dragon Claws & 3rd Birthday
    • The wait is over... Dragon claws are now available in tournament world!
  • 17 februari 2016
    Dev Blog: General Quality of Life
    • Tomorrow we will be kicking off our general quality of life poll including the top 10 quality of life requests from the Old School community.
  • 11 februari 2016
    Tournament Stats & Skilling QoL
    • This week we've got a plethora of quality of life changes for skilling related content. We've also got a brand new feature for tournament worlds: custom stats!
  • 9 februari 2016
    Dev Blog: Shard Share
    • Shard Share lets you instantly share big loots with your team. Come and see the details of the system!
  • 4 februari 2016
    Tournament Worlds & Tithe
    • Whether you're a skiller, PvMer or PKer... Tournament worlds are the perfect way for you to dip your toes into PvP!
  • 2 februari 2016
    Dev Blog: LootShare 2
    • We've read all of your feedback and now we would like to talk about exactly what we would like to offer for LootShare in Old School.
  • 29 januari 2016
    Lootshare Dev Blog
    • If you want lootshare then get involved with this discussion and let us know how you want it to work.
  • 28 januari 2016
    Necromancy Improvements
    • 12 new spells are making their way into the necromancy spellbook! Come and see what sinister magic awaits those favoured by the Arceuus.
  • 25 januari 2016
    Dev Blog: The Month of QoL
    • The month of quality of life is almost here. Come and see what we have planned!
  • 21 januari 2016
    The Dragon Warhammer
    • Rumours have been flying around the Shayzien camp of the terrifying lizardmen shaman dropping a new, powerful weapon... The dragon warhammer.
  • 20 januari 2016
    Dev Blog: The Inferno v2
    • Read our latest proposal for The Inferno and TzKal-Zuk.
  • 14 januari 2016
    Price Checks & Improvements
    • This week we've got a couple of new ways for you to keep tab on your looting bag and trades. We've also got a whole bunch of improvements for Great Kourend!
  • 12 januari 2016
    Devblog #38 - Zeah, Deadman Mode and Jad 2
    • Find out what we'd like to poll in the first poll of 2016
  • 8 januari 2016
    Great Kourend Tweaks
    • We have made a number of small changes to the rate at which you earn favour and experience in various activities in Great Kourend.
  • 7 januari 2016
    Zeah: Great Kourend
    • Explore the magnificent city of Great Kourend as your first step into the land of Zeah!
  • 1 januari 2016
    Old School in 2016
    • What can you expect in 2016?
  • 21 december 2015
    Christmas & Zeah
    • What is happening this Christmas and in the new year.
  • 15 december 2015
    Christmas 2015
    • Christmas is almost here and, as usual, Anti-Santa is up to something. Head to the White Knights' castle to find Santa and give him a helping hand!
  • 10 december 2015
    The Future of Deadman Mode
    • Deadman mode has been a very successful game mode and we have some ideas for carrying this success into the long term. Come and see what we have in mind!
  • 10 december 2015
    Key Update & Seaweed
    • This week we've got an exciting quality of life update that will save you bank space and time. We've also got a buff for the nets found in Piscatoris!
  • 3 december 2015
    Skill Cape Perks
    • Skill capes just got a lot more useful! Every skill cape now comes with an appropriate perk to help you out in your day-to-day 'Scaping.
  • 27 november 2015
    Dev Blog: Christmas 2015
    • Christmas is almost here and our developer blog for the 2015 Christmas event is now available. Come and have a read!
  • 26 november 2015
    Deadman Mode Death Update
    • Deaths while skulled in guarded zones will now cause you to lose 10% of your experience in protected skills in addition to the existing item and XP loss.
  • 26 november 2015
    Zulrah Scale Fishing
    • This week we've got Zulrah scale fishing, a big ol' blank space and lots more.
  • 20 november 2015
    Clan Cup: Registration Now Open
    • Registration for the Old School Clan Cup is now open!
  • 19 november 2015
    Max Capes & HP Insurance
    • This week we've got several new versions of the max cape making their way into the game as well as Hitpoint insurance in Deadman mode!
  • 13 november 2015
    Dev Blog: Clan Cup 2015
    • The Clan Cup is here! With registration opening on Monday and the competition starting on December 4th, we would like to fill you in on the details.

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