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  • 20 mei 2016
    Dev Blog: Last Man Standing
    • Last Man Standing is a player-vs-player minigame where you are pitted against 24 other players in a fight to be the last alive.
  • 19 mei 2016
    Sand Crabs & Soul Bearers
    • Great Kourend has a few new features to offer. Grab yourself a soul bearer and train up on the newly added sand crabs!
  • 12 mei 2016
    Necromancy Teleport Tablets
    • Do you enjoy traveling quickly? Do you enjoy raising fallen monsters from the dead? If so, this is the update for you!
  • 11 mei 2016
    Dev Blog: Great Kourend Content
    • Catacombs packed with monsters, minecart systems and loads more. Come and see what we have planned for Great Kourend!
  • 6 mei 2016
    Monkey Madness II
    • Over a decade after Monkey Madness was released, the story finally continues. Glough has slipped past the watch of the Grand Tree gnomes. They need your help.
  • 28 april 2016
    Calling Pets & Deadman Death
    • This week we have a call pet button, changes to the Deadman Mode items lost interface and the usual plethora of quality of life changes!
  • 26 april 2016
    Monkey Madness II: Log In Competition
    • We want to celebrate the release of Monkey Madness II with a unique log in screen designed by the Old School community!
  • 25 april 2016
    Old School Priority Survey
    • We want to know what you want from Old School. Help shape the future of the game by filling out our priority survey.
  • 21 april 2016
    Deadman Changes & Implings
    • Never again will you have to watch an impling float away uncaught - barehanded impling catching is here!
  • 20 april 2016
    Player Designed Clue Contest!
    • Send us your clue scroll ideas to see your content in game and win some cool prizes!
  • 15 april 2016
    Ask us anything!
    • We are currently running an AMA on reddit - come and ask us anything!
  • 15 april 2016
    Dev Blog: Seasonal Deadman Changes
    • We are going to be making some changes to Deadman Mode seasonal servers. Come and see what those changes are.
  • 15 april 2016
    Bank Placeholder Feedback Changes
    • We've made some changes to bank placeholders based on your feedback.
  • 14 april 2016
    Bank Placeholders & PID
    • Bank placeholders are now available at your local Bank of RuneScape branch!
  • 12 april 2016
    Dev Blog: Clue Scroll Expansion
    • Treasure trails are an amazing way to feel the excitement of potentially getting a huge reward. We'd like to make this bigger and better with an expansion.
  • 7 april 2016
    Hell-Rats, Fairy Rings & Perks
    • This update brings a new way to kill Hell-Rats for spice, a 'Favourites' list for Fairy Ring codes and a selection of reward upgrades.
  • 1 april 2016
    The E.O.C.
    • The future of Old School has arrived! Enjoy one of the most talked about Old School updates alongside a new Expert Level skill.
  • 31 maart 2016
    Bugfixes & Combining Tentacles
    • This week we focused on bugfixes alongside some highly anticipated quality of life changes. Come and see what we have coming in this week's update.
  • 29 maart 2016
    Deadman Invitational Winner & Retrospective
    • On Saturday the Deadman Invitational reached its conclusion and the 6 day event came to an end. We've looked over the logs and can now confirm the winner!
  • 24 maart 2016
    White & Black Graceful
    • Grab your Graceful and head west! Osten may be able to offer your Graceful kit a brand new look: white and black.
  • 23 maart 2016
    Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - Open Beta - Play Now!
    • Join us and write the next chapter in our free-to-play strategy card game.
  • 21 maart 2016
    The Deadman Invitational Has Begun!
    • The top 2,000 Deadmen are now battling it out to take home the $10,000 prize!
  • 17 maart 2016
    The Easter Bunny's Workshop
    • An evil chocolate chicken is causing mayhem in the workshop of the Easter bunny.
  • 16 maart 2016
    Deadman Invitational & Seasonal Update
    • Get excited - the Deadman Invitational and seasonal Deadman mode are only 10 days away!
  • 10 maart 2016
    Custom Nightmare Zone Rumbles
    • Dom Onion has expanded his services and can now offer you a chance to face the quest bosses of your choice!
  • 9 maart 2016
    The Deadman Invitational
    • The Deadman Invitational will be taking place on March 26th - Don't miss your chance to compete!
  • 7 maart 2016
    GameBlast16 | Thank You!
    • $150k raised, and we couldn’t have done it without you – you marvelous lot.
  • 4 maart 2016
    Dev Blog: LootShare
    • On Monday we will be polling LootShare. Come and give the developer blog a read to make sure you know what is on offer!
  • 3 maart 2016
    Architectural Alliance
    • Help bring the houses of Great Kourend together, enjoy the new scenery and get multiple prayer books - this week's update is here!
  • 1 maart 2016
    GameBlast16 | Thank You!
    • $150k raised, and we couldn’t have done it without you – you marvelous lot.

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