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  • 14 februari 2019
    Boss Heads and Chambers of Xeric
    • This week sees the release of increased utility for boss heads and further Chambers of Xeric Chambers changes.
  • 13 februari 2019
    QoL Month Poll: Re-runs
    • It's time for our third week of QoL month - Re-runs! We're taking a look at previous suggestions that didn't quite make it and giving them another chance.
  • 7 februari 2019
    QoL Month Poll: Skilling
    • It's time for our second week of QoL month - Skilling! Let us know your thoughts on all the proposed changes!
  • 7 februari 2019
    X Marks The Spot
    • This week sees the release of a brand new novice Free-to-play quest, additional Kebos changes and some of the contents from the recent Combat QoL suggestions.
  • 7 februari 2019
    Feedback Suggestions
    • Let us know what you think about Buckets of Sand and speeding up slow processes like cleaning grimy herbs!
  • 4 februari 2019
    Twitch Prime
    • Our Twitch Prime promotion is almost here - don't forget to use it to claim your 14 days of membership! This will run from 5th February through to 19th March.
  • 31 januari 2019
    QoL Month Poll: Combat
    • QoL month has arrived once more! As always, we're spending the entirety of February dedicating time to themed Quality of Life updates.
  • 31 januari 2019
    Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes
    • This week sees the release of Chambers of Xeric Quality of Life and balancing tweaks, some changes to Kebos and updates for the Collection Log.
  • 28 januari 2019
    Song of the Elves Poll Blog I
    • Read all about the grand finale to the elf quest series and the crystal city of Priffdinas in the first of two poll blogs.
  • 24 januari 2019
    Boxing Mechanics and Lots of Fixes
    • This week sees a change to the boxing and deskulling mechanics in PvP as well as various bugfixes and further changes relating to the Kebos Lowlands.
  • 23 januari 2019
    Chambers of Xeric Revisited
    • Following the huge Kebos expansion, we'd like to turn our attention to improving some older content. For now, we'd like to start with the Chambers of Xeric.
  • 21 januari 2019
    Maintenance: Wednesday 23rd January
    • There's essential maintenance work scheduled for Wednesday 23rd January.
  • 18 januari 2019
    Revised Post Kebos Poll Blog
    • This poll blog is a revision of the one that went live on the 15th. Some of the original questions have been changed or removed and others have been added. In a
  • 17 januari 2019
    Kebos Graphical Changes and Other Fixes
    • This week sees the release of multiple changes and fixes following feedback from the release of the Kebos Lowlands.
  • 15 januari 2019
    Poll Blog: Post Kebos Changes
    • In response to player feedback, this poll blog has been put together to adjust the content recently released with the Kebos expansion.
  • 11 januari 2019
    Konar Loot Table Balancing
    • Check out this post for the latest on how we intend to approach balancing Konar's loot table.
  • 10 januari 2019
    The Kebos Lowlands
    • The Kebos Lowlands have finally come to Zeah! Try your hand at Aerial Fishing, receive a task set by the new Slayer master and enter the Farming Guild!
  • 19 december 2018
    Maintenance: Thursday 3rd January
    • On Thursday 3rd January, a number of Old School RuneScape worlds will be offline for a period of approximately 12 hours. This is due to maintenance work.
  • 13 december 2018
    Kebos Lowlands: Progress Update
    • It's been two months since we announced the Kebos Lowlands and the team have been hard at work to have everything finished ready for its release on January 10th
  • 13 december 2018
    Christmas Event 2018
    • Old School's 2018 Christmas Event is finally here!
  • 7 december 2018
    Winter Sweepstake and Soundtrack Records
    • In case you guys don't have phones, check out the chance to win a Razer Phone 2! Soundtrack Vinyls and CDs are also hitting retailers in time for Christmas!
  • 6 december 2018
    The Collection Log and Deadman Permadeath Beta
    • This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Collection log, changes to the Deadman Mode Tournament ahead of its start on the 8th and various bugfixes.
  • 30 november 2018
    Soundtrack Vinyls and CDs and Deadman Permadeath Beta
    • Check out the Vinyls now available on the merch store and get involved in the Deadman Winter permadeath beta!
  • 29 november 2018
    Spellbook Filters and Bounty Hunter Changes
    • This week sees the release of spellbook filters for desktop as well as some Bounty Hunter integrity changes.
  • 29 november 2018
    Premier Club
    • All you need to know about our flagship promotion and our upcoming All Stars tournament!
  • 22 november 2018
    Bird Nest Balancing and PvP Changes
    • This week brings some balancing to Bird houses and Bird nests as well as some changes to PvP.
  • 16 november 2018
    Premier Club and All Stars: PVP Championships
    • All you need to know about our flagship promotion and our upcoming All Stars tournament!
  • 15 november 2018
    POH Portals, DHCB Recolour and Planned Changes
    • This week brings added portals to Player Owned Houses and a recolour for the Dragon hunter crossbow. We also outline some planned balancing around Bird houses.
  • 14 november 2018
    Player Workshops
    • Take part in one of our player workshops!
  • 8 november 2018
    The Portal Nexus
    • This week sees the release of the Portal Nexus room for Player Owned Houses and the release of Tournament Worlds for the upcoming All Stars: PvP Championship.

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